About Us

Eve & Kane is a Sydney-based brand, which embodies affordable luxury, providing our clients with classic and elegant pieces without the excessive price tag.
The brand was established in 2013 and has seen tremendous growth over the past 4 years, with customers in over 35 countries. In 2018 its founder Gabriel took on board new angel investors and raised capital to drive its growth into new markets.

Worn by young and old alike, Eve & Kane’s footwear is designed to allow the wearer’s individual style to shine. Offered in a range of colours and fabrics, Eve & Kane’s signature shoes are the quintessential modern classic and the ideal accessory to any outfit.
At Eve & Kane, it is our belief that online shopping can be a luxurious experience and we strive to offer the finest client service and support. In addition to having our service representatives provide a response within 24 hours through our online boutique, social media allows us to speak directly to our clients to answer their questions and to get to know their personal style preferences. We love receiving this feedback from our clients and working with them to ensure that our collections reflect their wants and needs.