Every pair of Eve & Kane shoes are hand crafted by some of the most skilled shoe artisans around. No attention to detail is spared, the shoes go through several steps before production.

The shoe is initially sketched by hand and then transformed to a digital sketch where colours are added and edited to make sure the vision of the shoe is aesthetically pleasing.

After the initial sketched design a suitable material is handpicked from the finest grade of genuine leathers and suedes only. Everything from the thickness of the material to its breathability is taken into considering for each specific design.

Once the material is chosen the artisan begins construction of the shoe around a shoe last which has been specifically designed for Eve & Kane footwear. Parts of the shoe are hand stitched to make sure quality is of a high standard.

All of our innersoles feature our signature design that is exclusive to Eve & Kane. This includes a specially created super soft footbed as well as arch support, these innersoles will allow you to experience hours of extreme comfort.